HoverBrothers is a public, open-source research community dedicated to investigating Gravity/Anti-Gravity and the true nature of space-time. Our ultimate goal is to discover the technological breakthrough that will make Warp Drives possible, and to eventually set up a production facility to build fully functional space craft based upon the type of material nanotechnology we’ve been investigating: Metamaterials, Quasicrystals, Plasmons, Polaritons, Excitons, Topological Insulators, Layered photonic band gap materials, and the electromagnetic manipulation of other exotic condensates.

Our goal is to collect and analyze data, (including nearly a dozen now-declassified studies conducted by US Aerospace research groups, as well as fragments of exotic materials which people are sending to us!) and then perform experiments to vet the technologies. The Experiments will be recorded, summarized, and broadcast to our public audience accompanied by any hard data accumulated through the experiments.

The Teams

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Association of Reactionless Propulsion Engineers is Jeremiah Popp, Wayne Ojala, Nam Tran, Jake Helvey, Miguel Sanatana.

List of Experiments The Experiments

Falcon Space Program

Mark Sokol is CEO of Falcon Space Program based in Hawthorn, NJ. He has been mainly experimenting with Biefeld-Brown Effect and Alzofon:
Falcon Space YouTube

Warp Drive Dynamics

David Parez is a self-funded experimenter and researcher who has spent the last 50+ years building space ships in his garage.

YouTube with videos of experiments:

Quantized Inertia and EmDrive

We’re not pushing off of “nothing”.. We are pushing off of information horizons!

Project Thunderbolt

An advanced study into Electro-gravitic phenomena: Biefeld-Brown Effect, the Alien Reproduction Vehicle (ARV), Nikola Tesla Technology, Ralph Ring & Otis Carr, lifters, ultra-capacitors, and any other possible relations between Electromagnetism and Gravity.

Medical & Environmental Science Division

We eventually would like to have a medical and environmental science division set up to begin Asteroid Mining, as well as terra-forming sections of the moon, Venus, Mars, and other planets.

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Focus Issue: Entanglement and Quantum Gravity

Focus issue: Entanglement and quantum gravity (Iopscience) Source: http://www.nature.com/news/the-quantum-source-of-space-time-1.18797 Guest editors Eugenio Bianchi Carlo Rovelli Recent years have seen a flourishing…


How Spacetime is Built by Quantum Entanglement

How spacetime is built by quantum entanglement Source: https://phys.org/news/2015-05-spacetime-built-quantum-entanglement.html  May 27, 2015 The mathematical formula derived by Ooguri and his collaborators…

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