The Experiments

Experiment 001: BieFeld Brown Effect

Some background reading and literature on the effect:

Martin Tajmar – European Space Agency: The Biefeld-Brown Effect: Misinterpretation of Corona Wind

Videos of our experiments:

Experiment 002: Alzofon Experiment

F. Alzofon’s 1994 experiments DO NOT prove his model of gravity

Experiment 003:

Experiment 004:

Levitating a silicate block using an induced antimatter shield or “Dirac Hole” surface akin to a warp fog / foam.

The following graphic illustrates the primary concept behind this first experiment. What is not show is our proprietary insights into how to actually induce, isolate, and control the antimatter particle fields at will…


… More experiments and data to come. (i.e. Project SkyVault, Project GRASP, Znidarsic, etc.)